Cumin seeds

‚Äč Cumin seeds is also called “Jeera” in Hindi. This spice is an excellent addition to traditional Indian cuisines. Cumin seeds powder has amazing health benefits too. A pinch of jeera powder is good to loose weight! Its the presence of thymol and other essential oils in this spice that helps in digestion of food.

This delightful spice is considered good for skin, hair and health. In South India, “Jeera water” or “Jeera velam” is a must for digestion of food and consumed along with main course. Just a pinch is added into boiling water and the filtered water is consumed throughout the day.

  • StorageCool & Dry Place
  • GradeSuperior
  • ColorBrown
  • Drying ProcessNatural
  • Pack Size : As per requirement
  • FormSeeds